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My focus is architecture and memory and dealing with the concept of “what is home?”.

Throughout my life architecture and the overall concept of “home” has been a huge part of my life. In my work I aim to deal with these subjects through memory, architecture and the concept of “what is home?”. For me glass is the perfect material to create my sculptures, with glasses ability to capture memory as well as being able to capture a moment in time with near instant gratification. Glass is truly a remarkable material with infinite possibilities in getting from point A to point B along with  the problem solving it takes to get from idea to realization and the instant satisfaction that is warranted in doing so.

In creating my work a big part of my process is casting and cold working from puzzling together to the extreme problem solving that one might have once cringed at during high school geometry. While much of my works focus stems from past experience, memory, architecture and the layout or blue print I also draw inspiration from ancient civilization, travel, urban design, popular culture and if you can fit a little humor, fun or sports even better.  For me working in glass is a privilege and pleasure with such a rich history there is already so much that is known but in that there is still much to learn and in many ways glass remains mystery. Glass is both a material and a puzzle in its self and experimentation and failure is all part of the process of getting it to the way you envisioned it which makes it that much more satisfying in completion.

For me defining home is a little more difficult than just the house or houses that you have lived in, it is the intangibles that truly make a house a home. In  both glass and my work figuring out these intangibles and defining them is a big focus and through revisiting architecture and memory as well as truly digging into “what is home?” is what i strive for in my art making.


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